We board only horses of people taking lessons or in a training program with Peppercorn Ranch.

We do not board stallions, broodmares, foals, or retired horses.


 Private pipe paddocks are 24'x24' with half shelters.  Private electric tape paddocks are 24' x 24' with 8' x 12' shelters.  There are group paddocks of various configurations.  Box stalls or paddocks of special design may be installed on request.



Horses are fed near dawn and dusk each day.  Unless horses are on a diet, they receive enough food to last many hours such that it is similar to continuous opportunity to eat.

All paddocks are cleaned regularly so there is little manure build up.

Fresh water for each horse is placed in large containers.  This way we can monitor water consumption, easily clean them, as well as have water available in case of a natural disaster.

You may have your choice of roughage (hay) and amounts to be fed to your horse.  You may also have your choice of concentrates, supplements, and bedding.  All feed and bedding is charged separately at market cost.

Blanketing and other horse management services will be charged per service.

Comprehensive horse management care is available for one low monthly fee that includes blanketing, turn outs, grooming, and minor vet care, etc.


Personal tack may be stored in a locked common tack room or privately purchased locker.

Horse trailers may be stored on the property at no extra charge.


Board is $300 / month plus the cost of feed.  10% for second or additional horses.  Due at the beginning of each month.

Blanketing / month:  $62 / month

Handling (turn outs, holding
for vet or shoer, medicating,
shoe repair, clipping, horse
purchase consultation,
etc.):  $60 / Hr - $6 minimum 

We can add your horse to our husbandry list which means it will receive the same care as our personal horses:
We will schedule and handle shoeing, vaccinations, worming, and teeth floating for you.
We will turn your horse out regularly as you direct.
We will blanket and do minor injury care as needed.
We will purchase feed additives for you as you direct.
All for one monthly fee with purchases billed directly to you.  Comprehensive Care Fee:  $120 / month 


Cost of feed can vary dramatically.  However, an easy rule of thumb is that it will cost about  $200 a month for hay to feed an average horse.  It can be half of that for a pony and double that for a large horse with special needs.