"Peppercorn Ranch is a warm, safe environment for kids/adults to learn to ride. Greg and Lauren are so knowledgeable. My daughter started riding at 8 years of age. She is now 11. Riding has given her more self confidence and brought her out of her shell given she is a bit shy. Her favorite days of the week are riding her pony.The lessons at Peppercorn are always well organized and challenging in a fun way.  Learning to communicate with others, learning how to stay focused, and also learning how to control the horse, are just a few reasons I feel Peppercorn Ranch is a wonderful place to ride.My daughter loves to share with her friends about Peppercorn Ranch. She started riding at the ranch during the summer at the summer camp Peppercorn offers. From that point on, she was hooked. Peppercorn is home away from home for her.  The ranch is low key, affordable, yet professional and the animals are so well taken care of. We started out with one lesson per week, and after 3 years we are now leasing “Teddy” 3 days a week. There is a horse/pony for every level of riding at Peppercorn Ranch. I would suggest to any parent who has a child with the love of horses to check out Peppercorn Ranch. The location is serene, simply beautiful. Instruction at Peppercorn Ranch was exactly what we were looking for our daughter. I am so thankful we found Peppercorn Ranch!"Kelly H.         Ventura 

"When I was eight years old I was bitten by the “horse bug.” For my ninth birthday my parents gave me the best gift ever—lessons at Peppercorn Ranch. When I started riding I was shy and would barely talk to anyone.  Slowly but surely I blossomed into the confident, self-assured 14 year old girl I am today.  As I grew in my confidence and I matured I also grew as a rider.  Greg and Lauren are amazing trainers and ensure that their riders have a strong basis of skills and horse knowledge. They know just how to push your confidence and skill level so you learn new things but don’t get scared off.  As you learn to ride you also learn how to handle horses on the ground. Not only are you becoming a good rider, you are becoming a good horse person in general. In my opinion there is no better way to spend a weekend than up at the ranch around the horses."Clare (age 14)               Ventura

 "We have been extremely happy with the quality and professionalism at Peppercorn.  When we first signed up we had no idea the level of expertise and experience Greg and Lauren bring.  We feel our daughter not only is learning how to ride properly but is also learning why it is proper—both for the rider and the horse.  The instruction is thorough and delivered with encouragement and patience.  We highly recommend Peppercorn Ranch."Martin P. and Nichia H.             Ojai 

"I have been riding at Peppercorn for seven years and I would never think about going to another ranch. Greg is the best trainer one could ask for and can help with anything you have questions with. He gives you a challenge that isn’t too hard but gives you something to work on. Lauren is a great trainer, also. She is always a great help at shows and rallies, and where ever you might need. The facility is also very nice. There is very beautiful scenery up there and the riding areas are in great condition. The horses are really good. There are horses for every riding ability. Greg picks the best horses that are suited to the rider. Overall it is the best ranch I have ever been to, and I will be there until I have to leave."Elaine (13 years old)         Ventura

"My children have been taking lessons from Peppercorn Ranch for many years, and in that time they have grown in ability and confidence. Their trainer, Greg Coulson, has gone above and beyond in supporting their training and providing coaching during events they compete in.  I highly recommend to anyone to take lessons at Peppercorn Ranch if that are interested in equestrian sports."Fred P.               Ventura

"Peppercorn Ranch is a riding stable that is well kept and runs smooth as a business should, while maintaining a family fun atmosphere. This is what is supposed to attract customers to this amazing place, but that's not the only reason they stay. Greg Coulson is a phenomenal trainer, for horses as well as people. He seems to know just what you and the horse are thinking simultaneously. While he endlessly preaches safety, safety, safety, that doesn't keep him from knowing just when to push you as a rider to do what you never knew you were capable of doing. I've been lucky enough to have gotten to experience this first hand and thanks to Greg, and the other wonderful people at Peppercorn Ranch; I have grown astronomically as not only a rider but a person. I am now off at college, visiting when I can, but every chance I get to return I am met with warmth and welcome. There is no bigger fan of Peppercorn Ranch then me.   Greg Coulson is without a doubt the best thing that happened to me during my high school career. I found the ranch through a friend because I wanted job around horses, so I gave Peppercorn a shot. I had only horsed around trail riding and never had any sort of formal training and once I saw what the other kids were capable of doing, I grew hungry for that kind of knowledge. I began working for lessons to spare my mom the expense. I worked every day I could after school gaining more and more opportunities to ride. Greg taught me all kinds of things that helped round me as a horsewoman and a person. He treated me and every horse with great respect always helping when and where he could. What was really wonderful though was his ability to sense when to let us figure out things on our own. While at Peppercorn I got into Pony Club which really helped teach me the importance of preparation and organization. It gave me a sense of accomplishment every time I got to move up the ranks as a rider. Peppercorn built me up as a young adult and gave me things to be proud of and strive for, due to the knowledge obtained there I managed to get three job opportunities with in the first two months of college in a completely different area of the state. I wish I would have discovered Peppercorn Ranch a little sooner, but for the year and a half or so I got to be there consistently, I experienced tremendous growth spurts for my mind and spirit. There is no other place like Peppercorn and no other trainer like Greg, they are truly magical."  Kate N.               San Luis Obispo

 As an adult training my own horses:  "Peppercorn Ranch and Greg Coulson provide a wonderful place with great instructors and horses, he has a fantastic facility to teach young and old, eventers, jumpers, dressage, or trail riders. I have loved every moment there. Every week at my lesson I always leave with something to think and learn and grow on. I love how calm, yet passionate Greg is about riding, his knowledge and years of expertise show and he always is on top of what going on in the show world and reading books. I really love that I can always rely on him no matter how silly my questions are, even when I’m not on my lesson I can always text, call or email and he always gets back to me straight away.I am very excited for my two girls when they are old enough to get them fully involved at Peppercorn--it has wonderful parent and child activities and I know it will leave many special memories in their hearts for years to come. I am so grateful to have found so many wonderful people at Peppercorn who are so supportive to teaching riding to children and adults, showing horses, going to show and camps. I know my parents wish that a place like Peppercorn ranch was available when I was a kid because it is so affordable for children whose parents that may not be able to go to a regular barn.Peppercorn has wonderful, carefully selected horses for every rider's capabilities.I just can’t say enough about them! I love this place." 

Honor B.    Ojai 

"When our daughter was 7, our stars aligned and we found Peppercorn Ranch. Greg Coulson has an uncanny ability to assess both rider and horse ability and skill level, and connect the two.   He is a natural teacher, and his broad horse background and years of experience are a blessing to all those he teaches.  Whether you are novice or are a skilled rider, Greg’s coaching and training is grassroots superb.  I’ve watched my daughter develop her sense of commitment, confidence, skill and patience in the time she’s been at Peppercorn.   She has become a confident teenager who knows her way around these large animals and now competes in dressage, jumping and cross country eventing—to her absolute delight.  Peppercorn Ranch is her other home—a place I feel confident about knowing that she is experiencing that wonderful relationship between horse and rider, learning healthy new skills in the scenic beauty of the ranch environment and interacting with others who share her passion at Peppercorn. That, and being in the Riverview Pony Club at Peppercorn has significantly enriched her life. Kids have a lot of choices, and we are thankful that she is in a place that contributes in a positive way to her well-being and that challenging process of growing up.  If you are looking for something tremendously rewarding for someone who loves horses, go to Peppercorn.  We can’t thank Greg and Lauren enough—and highly recommend them."Julie S.Ventura "Horse riding was always a dream for my daughter.    She was quiet and passive as a young girl and needed something to break her out of her shell.  Having Greg as her teacher has helped mold her into who she is and what she can accomplish.  His patience, knowledge of the sport and care for his students has been priceless.  Over the last four years of riding every week and joining Pony Club, she now has confidence in herself and the ability to work with a team.  Choosing Peppercorn Ranch made all the difference for us!"Angela H.                Ventura

"I have been riding with Greg at Peppercorn ranch for a few months and I have been very impressed and pleased with my riding progress. After a serious accident I have limited ability and decided that horse riding would get me out on the trails and go where I can no longer hike. Greg's knowledge and understanding of my capabilities worked with me choosing the right saddle and exercises that would teach me balance and the riding skills necessary. He has an excellent way of teaching and explaining and incorporating sports like basketball, driving, etc., into terms that are easy to understand and apply. After a few months I felt very confident and able to go on long rides and keep up with my wife. I would highly recommend anyone to get Lessons at Peppercorn Ranch." D. Williams      Ojai

"I love coming to Peppercorn to see my pony, Smokey.  He is very happy there with his best friends, Fiddler and Rosie.  it is a joy to me to know the children that go there love him and all the other horses, and love giving him horse cookies and brushing him."

Cathy C.

Santa Paula